Pushing the boundaries of legal opportunity.

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    Who we are

    We are a non-profit initiative committed to promoting the unconventional practice of Law And Legal skills in Nigeria.
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      Reshaping the general mindset towards unconventional opportunities in Law Practice.

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      To extend the scope of Legal opportunity for Lawyers in Nigeria.

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      Innovation, Accessibility, Growth, Productivity, Professionalism.

    What we do.

    At Legally Speaking we recognize the need for a fusion of traditional Law Practice and contemporary trends, so we continue to explore untapped connections between the Law and all areas of human endeavor.

    We find and share unconventional Law practice opportunities with an intent to guide and Inspire both budding and practicing lawyers towards optimizing the commercial possibilities of their Legal skills.

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      Legally Speaking Conference

      The Legally Speaking conference is an annual event intended to bring together, audience from different disciplines including Law, united by curiosity and open mindedness towards exploring and sharing ways the Law impacts their respective disciplines and the opportunity it affords Legal practitioners.